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Future needs origin
Hotel Rainer in the Jaufen valley
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To realize a standardised concept it does not only need time and energy but also patience and love to the single products and items that nature offer.

We know that our hotel has been build with stone, glass and natural wood, that we use hydropower to generate electricity, that we heat with biomass, that the new Natureaspa is incorporated in the natural landscape meadow and woodland, that we use e-bikes, that e-car are already operative, that there is a charging station in front of our hotel, but what comes next?

Then comes the reason that makes our hotel in South Tyrol to what it is: unique, candid and genuine.
Keep doing how it has always been done

Prepare self-made meat, till the fields and reap grain, cultivate corn, take the egg from the farm, produce butter and cheese, raise fish, store cheese in the bunker, and all this in the Jaufen valley. Where the mobile phone doesn't properly work, with no w-fi in the rooms but only in the bar lounge, without rays, no traffic noise, right there you can still find it.

Switch off, calm down, recharge the batteries, relax, begin a new life'sjourney, think abuot future, be there for yourself and your family, get the energy for the everyday life. Appreciate the untouched mountain air of our valley, experience with all senses the path of nature, bath in the woods, perceive the smells and get one with the nature, then this is the desire of every human, to age healthy and fit!